Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little Fabric Bucket

Round fabric buckets- cute and useful :)

Awhile back I saw this fabric bucket (above) on Pinterest. Why it sunk in with me more than some other project, I don't know, but it did and I set out to make one. I just think they are super cute and useful too! The first one I made was sent as a gift, so I went through my fabric scraps to make another this past weekend. This Mary Engelbreit fabric is some that my Mom made an apron for me out of when I was in college! Now the leftovers are a new little thread bin for my sewing table :)

You can find a nice tutorial for this bucket HERE, but I did make a few alterations, so I'll share them too...

So, here's the thing: Math and I don't get along all that well. I'm capable of dealing with numbers, just not necessarily willing. :P (My engineering-Masters-degree-brother got those genes!) So, I didn't actually do the equation to figure out circumference/ length of my sides.  Instead, I just wrapped my measuring tape around the bowl I used for the bottom! Ta da... solved... kinda... you'll see what I mean in a sec.

I also used the medium weight interfacing I had on both the lining and the outside wall pieces, rather than heavyweight on one side. Mine was fusible, so I didn't baste either. Then I clipped around the bottom like she says to, only without the stitching steps. Pin to the circle: (I like how the pins look for some silly reason!)

And here's what I mean about my dodge-the-equation trick only kinda worked:

Maybe I was just too generous in my measuring, but I did end up having to re-stitch and trim the outside tube portion after I got it pinned. No skin off my nose- I admit, I'd still do it this way over the equation! :P

Another thing I altered on my bucket was adding some coordinating trim to the top, where the edge would be turned over- at this stage above, where the sides and bottom are ready to be attached to the lining. I just cut a small, thin strip the same length as the side pieces...

 ...and pinned it, right sides together, to the top of the outer tube piece. When the lining and the outside are put together, ready to make the combining stitches, it'll look like this:

And once it's turned and ready to be folded down, all done:

Ta da! All finished. I actually topstitched around the turned edge, like this:

But then I decided it took away some dimension from the bucket or something, so I picked the seam and after all. My sewing skills are pretty hodge podge, I know. :P

I think I could make a lot of these in the future- they would make fun, re-usable baskets for giving gifts. I'd also like to try adding a handle for the boy's Easter baskets. :) Tons of uses for these simple little baskets!



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