Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, my Love!

Stephen is turning 39 again today! ;)
He is just about always stronger than me, more optimistic and more capable- he is my everything!

Yesterday Cooper went around the house compiling things into a present for Dad.
Well, when Stephen needed his headlamp to do chores last night,
we were both getting frustrated that it wasn't where we remembered.
Suddenly I knew that it must be inside the present box and indeed it was!
We were both so heart-warmed at his sense of giving and how he knows his Dad!
The present ended up being a little love treasure hunt :)

Happy Happy Birthday, babe! We love you and appreciate you so much!
Hope it's a great day- I know you will make it that way!
And our yummy dinner and birthday cake will hopefully help ;)
Happy Birthday!!



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