Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home Time

There's not really been too much happening to speak of around here lately... I've been enjoying whoopdwhoop, making wreaths as they sell on etsy, and dealing with strep throat- bleh! We have Taron and Keaton with us for part of their Spring Break this next week and have a few simple, fun things in mind to do while they are here! Here's just a few pics of us lately...

 Ry is an acrobat, you know. :) And these below are a few pics from Coop's Camera once again- he's always begging me to take a picture of his sweet bathtub tricks, so this top one I took with his camera. Nothing like sharing your kid's tushie with the world!

My sister said that my niece, who is just older than Cooper, told her once while they were driving that she "spends her entire life in this car!" Made me laugh! And when I saw this picture I wondered if Cooper thinks so at times too. :) I'm actually a pretty big homebody, so I doubt it. :)



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