Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring for a Break

Taron and Keaton are on Spring Break and we got to share it with them earlier this week. Nothing grand, just some home time and outside time and together time :)

Cooper and I both were home from Church with strep throat and less than 24 hours on antibiotics last Sunday. While Dad and the older boys were gone, he and Ryder hid some empty plastic eggs for them to find when they got home. It was super tough on them ;)

Lots of tramp time now that our trampoline is in tact! Ryder came in the house and said, "Ryder needs a cape!" very excitedly during this session above. (He's been talking in third person quite a lot lately for some reason.) So, I got him geared up and out he went again, more like Cooper and happy to be so! I think little boys in capes is one of the cutest things ever :)

Keaton and Taron rigged this wagon/ car train for the boys and took turns pulling it- pretty darn cute and clever! One things for sure, they are really great at entertaining the little guys :)

Cooper and Keaton had entirely too much fun finger painting! And Stephen set up a target in the yard for everyone to have a turn shooting the bows :) We were glad for patches of good weather- could've been worse by far!



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