Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Larger than...Everyday Life

 So, awhile back Cooper came inside with an "owie" on the top of his foot. I looked at it and thought it seemed ok at the time, kissed it better like I do and off he went. But it only got worse. And he wouldn't let me touch it for nothing! Finally I forced him, kicking and screaming, to let me at least look at it better and knew that something was still inside that needed out!
So the next night, I held my brave little Cooper Conner down while Stephen performed minor surgery on our couch and retrieved this larger than life sliver from his poor foot! Yes, I am the Mom of the Year :/ ... and he is one tough little trooper!

 When Cooper changes position on the couch, Ryder quickly follows to be the same.

Fishing turned swimming trip to Gem Lake :) 

Diggin' worms with our wonderful neighbor Louise. 

Books in a fort- we build one of these almost daily it seems!

Otherwise, life looks pretty good, eh? :)
And, yes, Ry is reading a Christmas book. Cooper has already asked several times if it's Christmas tomorrow when he goes to bed! :)

Also, isn't this a cute little package on it's way (unfortunately, and perplexingly, two days late) to my bestie for her birthday?! I have been loving playing with ruffled crepe paper lately :)


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