Saturday, September 10, 2011

Daily Life is Good

We recently became the happy owners of a large box of Mega blocks from my generous brother-in-law and have loved them! The boys love building towers and knocking them over- I have to hold them tight while building to make sure they stay up very long at all in fact! There's something about having colorful blocks scattered all over the floor that actually makes me happy :)

Oftentimes when Ryder is napping, Cooper and I work on a project. He loved this cool slime we made recently! I used this recipe from Our Best Bites. I love how happy Coop looks as he plays with this!

We also recently came up with the sweetest salamander catching contraption ever! Cooper loves tape and is super creative putting "machines" and traps together! He raided the brown paper tube basket and snagged a 2-liter bottle, then had me help with the cone! This project totally melted my heart- this is our Cooper all the way! He asked me to label it "Salamanders Go Here"- an essential piece of the traps success no doubt ;) Then he sat and watched for it to work- love the faith and simplicity of children!

Ya know, there isn't a day that goes by as I'm home with the boys that I don't think multiple times how grateful I am for my husband that makes it possible for me to be here. As simple and maybe silly all of this seems, I truly believe that it all matters more than it seems for now...


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