Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Melty Crayons

One of our favorite projects around here is what we call
  "Melty Crayons."
We save this one for special days and it never fails to be a ton of fun!
I think I might enjoy this as much as the boys do!

To do it, get our your griddle and place a small cookie sheet on top. I found the small size at Dollar Tree. Then peel your crayons down a ways- oil pastels (those chunky, flat on top kind of crayons- is that what they're called?!)... anyhow, they work good too!

I turn the griddle up anywhere from 2 to almost 4- kinda watch and adjust it as you go. 

It works best to hold the crayon in one place as you start, let it melt for a sec and then draw as you press down kinda firmly. I set a hot pad to the size so we can keep the pan from slipping around if we need. This is one that I wouldn't let Coop do alone- but I wouldn't want to miss it anyhow! :)

See how fun and shiny the pictures turn out!

Cooper's latest favorite thing to do is for both of us to melt our crayons at the same time and make it a "battle." I'd draw and say it was a dragon or a fire or something and he'd try to draw on top of or all around mine and push my crayon away.... boy's world, ya know? ;) A fun thing a girl might like to try would be to add some glitter to the wax before it dries!

Anyhow, hope you give it a try on a boring afternoon! 


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