Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Valentine Surprises

We've been getting ready to start our daily Valentine surprises again, starting this Friday on the 1st! For the last two years, I've made boxes for the boys that we put a small treat in each night for them to find in the morning- they LOVE this tradition and, I confess, I love it just as much! It's kinda like "Elf on the Shelf" for Valentines season!

I saved the boxes I used last year- I just took a box that was about the right size, modified a titch to get the hinge opening that I attached a knob to, and covered it in kraft paper. I re-covered them this year so the boys could decorate for a new year. I cut their names out of a red scrap of vinyl with my Cricut.

 I gave the boys these Valentines papers that I got in a pack from the dollar spot at Target. For some reason, I thought they would cut little hearts, given its Valentines. But, I had to smile at the reminder of what a boys life it is around here when Cooper cut out pieces to create a shark! Love it :)

And then, of course, Ry needed a shark too and hacked this one out himself!
I told him his looked like a jet and he liked that even better.
Have I mentioned recently that Boys Rule? :)

The boy-ness continued as Coop drew a monitor lizard on top of his- it turned out awesome! I have really been trying hard to just put things in front of the boys and let them create as they will, instead of interjecting so much. I want them to grow up knowing that what they do is great, instead of that I always had to follow behind and "fix" it. I can be kinda particular, so this is hard sometimes, even though it shouldn't be!

Now we are ready to go for them to wake up to the first fun Valentines surprise on Friday morning!

Here's a few ideas I've pinned that I'll be trying to make for them- most of the daily surprises are homemade. Either that, or I get them at the Target dollar spot or Dollar Tree :)

I LOVE this idea- a pillow fight shield! I wanted to whip these up for Christmas but ran out of time :)

These cool scarves have a slot for tucking in, instead of having to tie,
plus a treasure pocket on the back side- the boys will love that!

Laminated faces (another idea was laminated flash cards- I may try that too)
and include dry erase markers :)

You blow on the straw when it's tucked in to make these fly!

You can see the simple things I've included in their boxes in the past
HERE and HERE  and HERE :)



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