Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here and Now: Ryderisms

Ryder seems to have a plethora of nicknames as the baby of the family- RyBabe, Ry Ry, Baby Ry, BabyO, Ryderoo. Spelling them out makes them seem particularly silly! He hates being called a baby, but I think he actually quite likes being the youngest. He'll always be my baby :)

Ryder's temperament is still quite caring and calm. Recently he and I were playing with action figures- I had a bunch of guys and he was using his guys to knock them each off the arm of the couch. When he did, I'd grab another guy. The very last guy I had ended up being smaller than the others before had been. I commented, "All that's left is this lonely little guy," or something similar. Instead of knocking that little guy off the couch, he used his two guys to tell him he could be their friend and be one of them instead. It was a little moment that really warmed my heart :)

Speaking of action figures, where Cooper is the non-fiction type, Ryder loves to play! He loves pretend and totally enjoys playing with toys. He talks for them and invents situations constantly. He's forever bringing me a toy and vehicle combo and asking for a rubber band or tape to combine them :)

Ryder's favorite things right now include Team Umizoomi, trips to the dollar store, having Taron and Keaton around for the weekend- he pretty well thinks Taron hangs the moon, standing on his head on the couch with his legs up and over the back, eating peanut butter sandwiches, playing chase through the house with Cooper and being home along with Mom- sometimes he likes to go, but he really is more a homebody .

Ryder thinks it is seriosuly funny when he farts! It was never that way among my family when I was growing up, but I can't help but chuckle now! Whenever he does, he announces it afterward- silly!

Ry has no problem taking the blame. Most anytime we ask who did something or how something happened, he quickly says, "It was me!" It's not too often his fault, either...

Ryder doesn't like being in the spotlight too much. Those moments that he's embarrassed or hurt, instead of running to me to dote on him, instead he runs and hides angrily. I tend to respond this way often also- get angry at myself over stuff. He usually takes a moment and then comes back ready to go.

I've said it before, but the same goes still- Ryder has rhythm! This kid can dance- like, really, dance! Stephen cranks up the music and his feet and body move to the music like they just know how. He is fun to watch during our dance parties- this is one time he likes the attention ;) Just today I asked him what his favorite song was. He thought for a few seconds and then said, as I expected, "Sexy and I Know It." :} He just likes the beat of that one- we're trying to convert him to something a little less, ya know... grown up!

And that's that for our baby. I love you, my Ry Ry! I'm sure glad you still think Mom is okay :)
I want to remember who you are right now



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