Thursday, January 24, 2013


I haven't been Instagram-ing for very long, but even just in the time that I have,
I can scroll back through my vintage-y cre8ivesky pictures and realize that
they tell the story of our everyday life rather well...

Like how I can tell my husband is in love with me
because of this look on his face during a  lunch date the other day;

and how this sandwich from our favorite local lunch spot is always fabulous.

I can tell that the boys are happy when we visit Dad at work and he spins them in his office chair.
I'd say really they are just happy in general :)

I can tell I am blessed by the stunning aquarium in my front room.
Admittedly, I'll feel more blessed when the aquarium mess from the swap to a bigger tank he's doing right now is gone... :/
For sure, though, the aquarium stuff is more a blessing than a curse-
Stephen has an aquarium maintenance and stocking side business.
And that income makes it so that life as we know it is possible :)

I can tell that I have a little boy who enjoys being with Mom
when all the other brothers are off hunting with Dad.
And that he looks so sweet when he's napping, taking me back to when he wasn't this big.

My Instagrams remind me that I might actually be one of those fun type Moms
who takes her kids sledding... even if  they look like they can barely breathe all the while!

They prove that I love holding hands with my boys;
love it when they want to hold my hand back. :)

I look back on my pictures and remember our sliding door being frozen shut because it was -20!
And that, no, the hair dryer did not work...

I scroll through and smile that I'm married to an amazing man
who does more than just looks good while he smiles at me...
he also brings purple flowers home from work on a whim.

I am Insta-Blessed with a Capital B!

I would love to see your daily blessedness on Instagram too!
Leave a link or your user name in a comment so I can follow along!
You can find me HERE :)



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