Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here and Now: Cooperisms

Yesterday Cooper said to me,
"Mom, did you know I'm an American?!" I responded, "That's right!" and after a pause, "Does that make you feel proud to be an American?"

"Why?" he asked. Me: "Because this is a great place to live, because the people in America make it great."

I was satisfied with my answer, but felt kinda sad that this was the first he'd ever really thought about pride for our country. Guess he's only five, eh? :) These types of statement/answer moments are not rare!

Coop's favorite things right now include playing on the Wii, drawing notes and pictures, being in his "secret hideout," going anywhere with his Dad- specifically when it's just the two of them, proving to his little brother that he's older, and telling the silliest of incoherent jokes.

If he's bored, he's quickly starts wrestling around with Ry, like it or not :/

He's happy with himself that he can read, but it's usually about like pulling teeth to get him through his school book four times each day. He often sounds out signs from the back seat as we drive through town and then happily announces when he recognizes what he read :)

I've often described Cooper as a non-fiction kid and that really does sum it up. He'd much rather collect bugs and worms than pretend the trampoline is a pirate ship.

I think Cooper could very likely talk all day long. He likes his rest times too, but he asks questions and shares facts faster than we can keep up sometimes!

Cooper loves music. He was blessed with Stephen's pipes and can sing really well! Some of my very favorite Mom-payoff moments with him are when I catch him singing Primary songs softly to himself. Awhile back a teenage boy in our ward played a fancy piano solo during sacrament meeting without any music and he was totally enthralled!

Cooper loves Valentines season- we are already working on his Valentines for his classmates. He looks forward to the Valentines boxes we do with the boys here at home all year round!

I love you, my number one! I want to remember you just like you are now :)



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