Monday, October 14, 2013

Any Day is Good for a Gift: Printable Tags

It's really not so easy to move, ya know? Packing and hauling boxes and furniture is really no big deal compared to the work of getting comfortable with your neighbors and making acquaintances around you. In the two years we've lived in our current home, we've done okay at that I guess. We were just starting to feel like we knew people when we went places and such.

Free simple printable gift tags for everyday gift giving

And then recently, our Stake was re-aligned. In other words, the people we went to Church with changed almost entirely. Our neighborhood was taken out of the Ward we went to. Our lives revolve around Church in a lot of ways, so it was kind of a big bite to digest. Suddenly that level of comfort was back to square one in a way. The more I thought about the change, the more I thought of specific people that I knew I would really miss interacting with each week.

Being the gift-giving lover that I am, I set to work on a simple way I could let the people I was thinking of know that they had affected my life. Not that they wouldn't continue to, but kinda not really either, ya know? Not anywhere near the same frequency at least. I had to smile when a friend I had worked with in the Primary delivered a sweet gift to me while I was in the process of creating these too :)

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(Sheet of all six tag colors found HERE.) 

I whipped up these simple tags and put some bite-size candies in these cute clear boxes from Pick Your Plum. I thought I'd share them with you, since we all have everyday type of moments that deserve a little somethin.' :) Any day or any reason could be a great time to let someone know they bless your life! Each tag has space at the bottom for a handwritten note.

There are six color options total- see them above. To get a sheet of all six colors on one page for cutting, click HERE. And thanks for visiting! :)

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Oh and PS... Our new Ward has really been great so far, too! Church is a wonderful place to find wonderful people no matter what :)


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