Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shabby Flower Headband and Giveaway

Recently, I was sent a fat quarter of fabric and a few segments of ribbon as part of a new monthly Fat Quarter Challenge. Jesse's site is brand new and I wanted to be part of helping spread the word. I always really enjoy exchanges and swaps and such, so I thought this would be fun too.

With my pieces, I decided to make a shabby flower headband. I'd recently seen a flower that I really liked and wanted to try and replicate. I love that this is flat- for some reason I just feel kinda weird when my hair stuff sticks off my head too far. I know, I'm goofy. :)

I cut several strips from the fat quarter- one for each flower. Then I kinda just started in the middle and folded it flat like above. I did try to create a bit of a crease in the center to help the depth just a bit.

Then I sewed a square at the center area of the fabric. I know a square seems funny, but it really worked well-. I crisscrossed a bit through the square and then made a stitched circle around. Really, you could just free stitch however you wanted. The more of these I made, the more I started to bend and crease the fabric through the middle a bit as I sewed.

Last thing, I clipped around the circle, then kinda roughed it up by twisting around a bit in my hands. I lined up a total of seven flowers and sewed it right to a stretch of elastic. Then, I used two of the ribbons provided to complete the bottom of the headband. I really do like these two colors together. A strip of gold sequins was also part of the package and I took those apart to dot the flowers with individually. Hopefully it adds just a touch of dimension and sparkle...

Ya, so I totally wasn't wearing any makeup when I tried my headband on to get a pic of it being worn :P The next wear will be better for sure! I also made this less involved, much smaller version for our  friend's new baby girl...

And that's that! I don't sew flowery (or pink!) type stuff very often with all these boys around, so this was a  fun change!

Now that all of the projects for this month's Fat Quarter Challenge are in, you can vote on them HERE until the 27th. Several of my favorite blogger friends are participating and have created awesome projects!

Jesse is also offering a giveaway for two month's entry into the Fat Quarter Challenge to anyone who wants to participate. Normally participating would cost $12 each month. This may be a drawback for most people, but playing along for free for a few months might get you excited enough to stick with it too :) Good Luck! 



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