Thursday, October 24, 2013

Simple Upcycled, No-Sew Kids Quiver

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I recently shared this post over at The Ribbon Retreat Blog and wanted to share it with you here too!

The first things you think of when you think of the Fall season? Around our house, Fall doesn't just mean falling leaves and colder temps. It means caramel apple making. And Halloween. And, oh ya, hunting season! Being surrounded by country boys, that really should've been my first thought ;)

You've heard me talk before about how I really enjoy shooting archery with the boys. I'm excited for the years to come when our whole family is old enough that we can get into some leagues and such.

For now, though, they have more simplistic bows and love the little toy style you can find at Dollar Tree. I thought I might try to make some fun little quivers for holding their arrows and The Ribbon Retreat had the cutest outdoorsy type fabric for them! The ones I chose are from the Riley Blake Camp A Lot line and the Moda S'more Love line. Both of these are so, so, so cute- lots of great coordinates!

Maybe have a little girl channeling her inner Katniss? I know I've seen the cutest girly Nerf bows at the store! Maybe you even have a Halloween costume that could use a quiver- Hawkeye, Merida, a Cowboy or an Indian maybe? This tutorial is perfect for you!

I hadn't originally intended this to be a no-sew project, but it struck me that it easily could be! And using upcycled materials at that- woo hoo!

For each quiver you make, you'll need:
A Pringles Chips canister
Hot Glue gun and glue sticks
One Fat Quarter main fabric from The Ribbon Retreat
One Fat Quarter coordinating fabric from The Ribbon Retreat
1 1/2" coordinating Grosgrain ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat
(You'll LOVE all the color choices they have- WOW! Plus, this is the best stuff ever to work with)
 metal cutting knife OR flathead screwdriver and hammer

I have lots of photos here to show you how to create your own fun quiver, but that's just to be thorough and clear- don't worry, this project really is super, super easy!

I know I have half a yard of my main fabric in the fabric photo above. I really wasn't sure just how much I'd need when I picked up these supplies at The Ribbon Retreat. Having made these though, a simple fat quarter will be plenty :)

Start by cutting your main fabric into a 10" x 11" piece. Then iron a half inch seam along one of the longer sides, like above. Begin gluing the hemmed end onto the bottom of your Pringles can by putting a small line of glue, pressing and then continuing all the way around.

Some excess fabric will remain, just leave it as is for now. Tack the seam of your fabric at some point in the middle, like below, and then continue gluing in the same way and direction around the top of you can too...


With the top and bottom secured, iron over your excess fabric like above. This could potentially be done in advance of gluing, but it wasn't a problem to do it at this stage either. Then run a line of glue along your new hem and adhere to finish off this main fabric portion:

You're ready to move on to the top segment of fabric- this just makes the quiver look cuter :) Measure and cut a section of your second fabric that is 6 1/2" x 11". Then hem both of the long ends and only one of the short ends, like below:

Place the top rim of your can so it sits about half way up your fabric. Begin gluing the vertical line of your raw end. I did not  glue along the bottom of this piece- I felt like that gave it a little extra volume. Can you kinda see what I mean below?

So, you'll glue the raw piece onto the main fabric on the vertical end, then wrap the fabric around and glue the hemmed end vertically again onto itself- see above. Now you have a tube so fabric sticking off the top of your can.

Take that upper excess and tuck it down inside, pulling and adjusting and gluing in various places so it looks just how you want. You won't be able to fit your glue gun down in there to tack it really good, so just do what you can- I added a little glue to the fabric and then tucked and it seemed to work good.

See how it's just a titch loose and gives the project a more homemade type feel by not being glued to the main fabric along the bottom? If that isn't what you prefer, tack it along the bottom edge too :)

Now we need to work on attaching our ribbon strap that will allow your child to wear their quiver cross-body. We'll need to cut a slit along one side of the bottom of the Pringles can to slide the ribbon in and through. If I'd have been able to think of any better solution, I'd have used it... but, alas, stamping a slit with a flathead screwdriver was what I came up with and it actually worked great. And, of course, I couldn't even find a stinkin' hammer around... so, I'm using a rock :P Ha ha!

The bottom of the Pringles can really is ideal for stamping through- there's a nice rim that makes it quick and easy to create a little slit in. I kinda held my ribbon up and eyeballed how wide my slit needed to be- just be careful you don't make it too big, then the ribbon strap won't be as effective as you want. I thought about 1/4 of the whole rim was about right for the 1 1/2" inch ribbon...

To get it through your new slit, fold and hold the ends in to create a point like above. I then used my screw driver to feed it in until I could reach it from the top of the can and pull.

Once you've got it threaded out the top, measure on your kiddo to know how much ribbon to cut...

Singe both ends of your ribbon with a lighter to make sure it won't fray and then overlap and glue them together.

Very last step, you'll run a small line of glue along the under side of that ribbon seam and adhere it to the fabric just inside the top of your quiver to keep it in place and hide the seam:

All done- so easy and fast, and of course, so fun! My boys added the real arrows they use to shoot at the target in our yard, but these would be even better suited for the play kind with the sticky ends. A small toy bow would probably also tuck nicely in there. I just love how fun and cute these turned out! Coop and Ry both loved the fabric choices I made too :)

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Hopefully these can be something fun or even useful for you and your littles too! Thanks again, Michelle and all you awesome Ribbon Retreat gals, for having me here. The Ribbon Retreat supplies always make my projects much better than I even imagine! Enjoy!



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