Monday, October 7, 2013

Pretty Pair Halloween Garlands

Today I'm excited to be starting a new little series with my blogging friend Emily from The Benson Street! She is a fellow Idaho Falls area creative blogger and is SO, SO, SO talented! I was thrilled when she asked me to participate with her in a monthly series- I really think you''ll love and be able to use what we came up with together! (We really are a rather pretty pair, eh?) ;)

Each month, we'll get together and spend no more then $10 on the materials to create a project. We'll each create something with what we find in less than an hour and then share them with you! Ten dollars and just one hour- that kind of project is right up my alley! And I really hope it'll be something you feel like you can pull off too- because you can!

This month we shopped at JoAnn and both created adorable Halloween garlands with some fun Halloween fabrics...

I love Emily's ruffled version! Find it HERE :)

I clipped each of the five fabric that we chose into pennant style shapes or strips, like above. These are all raw edges, no sewing was involved at all on the pieces themselves. For the shaped pieces, I just cut rectangles and then folded in half and cut from the side to the center or center to side to notch out the shape I wanted. And for the strips, I tied them onto a strand of bakers twine like below to create an entire garland...

For the sewn garlands, I laid out a stretch of ribbon across my mantle to get the length I wanted, then pinned where I knew the garland needed to start on one end and stop on the other and clipped.

So here I have one set of my pennant shapes and the strand of ribbon I just measured and marked, ready to sew together. I just laid the shapes along the ribbon and kept going... most of them were right close together, but if I had fewer of one shape, I spaced them a bit farther apart. You'll want to make sure you leave a fair bit of ribbon on each end to tie and hang from :)

To actually hang these as the backdrop of my mantle, I just kinda place pins here and there until I liked how it looked. I'm using small straight pins and just a basic tie to keep them hung. I draped them different directions and behind or in front of each other until I liked the look...

The garlands are definitely the punch to my Halloween mantle this year- I really like how it turned out! I'm always just drawn to cute pennant banners :)

I added a few pictures of  Halloween's past to the mantle- the boys loved that touch!- along with a few cutie witches I've had since my single days.

Make sure to hop over and check out Emily's patchwork ruffled garland too- so cute! Happy Halloween decorating! Are your kiddos already frothing at the bit like mine?!?



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