Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkins, Wallpaper and Things Boy Moms Say

I've missed writing posts about our family- I try to make sure at least one in five posts
are actually documenting our life, but I'm thinkin' I haven't done too well at that lately.

I've also missed just writing at random. I use to occasionally just sit down in edit mode
and spill my thoughts out into a blog post and that was it. Been too long :)

We went to this coolest pumpkin patch ever recently. The boys very favorite part was probably this straw pumpkin pyramid. The actual pumpkin choosing? Ya, they really couldn't have cared less- lets just grab some and get to the train already, Mom :)

Gotta laugh at this picture....

You know you're a boy mom if the phrase
"Don't touch your wee wee!"
has ever come out of your mouth...

...or if you make them all pose for a picture after brother uses their shirts to make them look like ninjas when we're bored at Dad's fish shop. Yes, yes, they ran around the place doing super cool moves with air nunchucks for the next half hour. Well, that and leaping off the futon thinking they were getting way bigger air than they really were ;)

Expeditions for twigs for Mom to craft with (maybe at least, if I can get my head screwed on straight) absolutely do require binoculars. The awesomest binoculars that were hand-me-downed from Taron the weekend before. And here, Mom, if you had a big stick too, then we could sword fight :) Or pretend they are metal detectors in the leaves.

I love raising boys.

I also love loving on this little girl... Did you know I recently gained a daughter? Might as well have... At least I wish I saw her that much! This little love is our good friend's new addition and she is the funnest thing ever! Cooper might not look like it here, but he really was so proud of himself for getting her to sleep while he held her for the longest he's ever held a baby. Possibly the longest he's ever actually sat mostly still on the couch in one place come to think of it....

Her Mom and I recently whipped up these simple baby legs for her- could you die?! So cute! Heather referred me to the great tutorial HERE :)

Doing a little non-incognito "Boo-ing." Coop and Ry could knock and run pretty much every afternoon of the week. These cupcakes were intended for my #SpookyCelebrations post... and they were cute, just didn't seem really creative enough. So they got gifted- even better :)

Why again do I blog? This post is already more fun. And much less work... and time.

I asked Stephen the other night, "If I didn't blog, what would I do instead?" His response, "Craft." Hmmm... why does that not really make sense? This is a craft blog mostly. With a craft blogger behind it that gets kinda tired of having to take photos of each step of what I'm creating as I'm creating it. And absolutely gets tired of even thinking about pageviews and followers.

I'm just not going to much anymore. For real. I'm just going to blog like I used to more. I'm not ready to give it up. But I'm thinkin' a blog break in December sounds pretty darn good too... :)

I've been stashing warmer scents (ya know, the $2 ones you can buy at Walmart) that smell like cinnamon and pine. Mmmm... I love Christmastime. :)

Every now and then I clean my kitchen. And, yes, I really do mean that- it's really not all that often. This was the day I couldn't handle it anymore for real and cleared the three massive clutter areas on my counters. And took a picture to text to my Mom. And then decided that, good grief! I'm a grown woman, my Mom does not need to be bothered with the fact that I cleaned anymore! The fact that it's an accomplishment is not something to be proud of! :P

Isn't it crazy how even when you clean, its not clean? Herein it seems so clear why I don't too often... the kids' art area under the plant? The top of the fridge? (Which, in all honesty, I did clean a couple days after this), the stashes above the cupboards- that's prime decorating area- what's my problem?

Still, though... I love this kitchen... mostly. I love my center island with bar stools. Truth: we almost never eat around our real dining room table. That's my craft table, remember, boys? (They'd be shocked to learn it was meant to be eaten on I bet.) I say I love this kitchen mostly though, because check out that wallpaper... ugg... wallpaper in this house makes me want to gag multiple times a day. That's right, I can have a sink spilling over with dishes and I'm still thinking it's the wallpaper that looks horrific.

And as soon as I start thinking about how much I despise all of our blasted wallpaper, I realize I'm such a horrible person for being so stinking ungrateful! We have a warm, comfortable space here and (mostly) plenty of room- why do I even think about the wall paper?! Because, ya know... it's crappy wallpaper, that's why.

And what do you do when dishes are spilling out of the sink taking over the place? Decorate your front door for Halloween of course. :) Cooper cut out the red drops almost all on his own. and I thought the boys would help hand me pieces to take to the top of the door and be excited as each new part got added to our vampire... but, no, they really didn't care that much.

Mom's crafty entertainment is lacking these days. I need to step up my game. Not ready to bite the bullet that I can't stay cool to them with paper, paint and googly eyes yet... I'm not that old... right? :)

And yet another glimpse of life with boys- putting your arms around each others shoulders for a picture against the fall leaves is really just an opportunity to kinda sorta wrestle. :) What's with all these pictures, anyways, Mom? ;)

Aw, but they can redeem themselves on occasion, ya know :)

Boys Rule.
Life is Good.



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