Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Super Fast and Easy Puffy Pumpkins

Oh my goodness, I just love how fun these little guys turned out!
Aren't these puffy pumpkins cute, cute, cute?!

And, that's right- you can honestly make two of them in five minutes! No exaggeration. I had a small window of time to make all six of these while I was waiting to go pick up Cooper from school and couldn't believe how fast it was! Love when a project honestly turns out really good and doesn't take too much time. This would be an amazing project for a youth group or craft time with kids involved :)

Wanna see just how simple they are yourself? Start with these supplies above- would you have guessed a toilet paper roll was in the middle of teach puffy pumpkin?! I didn't think it was too obvious (and that's a good thing)!

I got several fat quarters from our local craft store. I kinda have a thing for fat quarters- it's just so nice not to have to have fabric cut at the cutting table, ya know? So start with a fat quarter and a roll of TP. Set the roll at the center of your fabric laid flat...

And start at one side to tuck the fabric loosely into the center of your roll, continuing all the way around, kinda tucking and folding as you go...

It kinda makes itself! And I just love how puffy it seems! You'll adjust the folds of the fabric and work to make it look just how you want. In some sections there's less fabric to work with and in others there's excess, but it works out just right. And if you like when Fall is over, you've still got a whole fat quarter you didn't cut into!

For the stem piece, cut a section of ribbon and fold it in half to create a loop on one end. Tuck the raw ends inside the top of your fabric also...

It'll be a snug fit and no gluing is necessary- super fast! Above I'm using some wide grosgrain that I had leftover from a project I did for The Ribbon Retreat. Below I used some thinner burlap ribbon I got at a local craft store.

For that one, I waited to cut the ribbon until after I had tucked the loop part into the pumpkin, then trimmed to create a vine piece sticking out- I like the personality that it adds :) These are stinkin' cute alone, but all the fabrics together I just love! 

I might've had a bit too much fun with the photo shoot for this post in fact- ha!


Can ya blame me?! They are the cutest thing! Things have been pretty rainy around here lately- and it goes without saying these might not make the best outdoor decor... so I brought them into my front room and put them on my two black end tables, along with my Halloween Charger from a couple years ago...

I hope you'll make your own if you have any desire to add a bit of fall flair to your home, or as a gift for someone else even. These puffy pumpkins couldn't be more simple- you'll love how they turn out!

Enjoy! And thanks for reading :)


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