Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Bib Clips and more DIY Baby Ideas

What a full week it's been already- kinda exciting! And it's not over yet ;) Today I'm joining some of my favorite bloggers again- this month we've each got a baby project to share :)  My simple little number above is actually an idea I shared a long time ago at my friend Ginger's blog but actually never did post here. It's still one of my favorite baby tools ever! The easiest thing ever to make- an instant bib clip!

First here's a look at the other projects for you to check out today too...

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These little strands really look like pretty much nothing, I know, but they can turn a regular napkin, paper towel or washcloth into a baby bib! They are awesome for having in your bag for restaurants :)

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I just think they're kinda cute :) I've added these around the rim of diaper cakes and to the decor of a baby shower package many, many times- they've always been a hit! An oldie but goodie idea... Just like those other fun ideas and links above :)


For more DIY baby gift ideas, here's a few more from the archives too:


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