Thursday, March 13, 2014

Natural Wire Spring Flower Wreath

Does this little project look at all familiar? I did a Valentine style one with hearts and a heart shape last year and thought a Spring version might be fun! This "Naturally Wired" craft wire is some of my favorite stuff to work with :)

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Most of the time, any sort of larger decor like this, or any wreath I've ever done otherwise at least, has taken a fair bit of time. But this style is really super fast and easy. Seems like that's kinda what I go for around here :)

I've gotten this roll of "Naturally Wired" craft wire near the floral section at JoAnn's. I love that I can make several projects out of one roll. And then for this wreath, I chose yellow toned papers.

Truth be told: I don't really care for the color yellow usually. But, it is nice and, well... sunny. Plus, it's kinda what I think of when I think of flowers somehow I guess. Could there be any lack of pink influence in my life, ya think? ;) Anyhow, strangely enough I was drawn to yellow for this project- both pastel and gold type tones. I really just grabbed for whatever I had, both full sheets and scraps.

Then I spent the next twenty minutes, half an hour or so, cutting flower shapes with my good ole' Cricut. Eahc flower is 2", only a few papers did I cut a titch smaller just for variety sake.

These could certainly be stenciled or hand drawn and cut too. It'll take two flowers for each one that you see on the wreath (wouldn't have to if you needed to cut less also). I cut enough flowers to have three or four of each different paper I had picked out.

Then I started to create a flower shape with the wire, kinda unrolling and straightening, but using the curve of the wire roll to help me form the petals too. I was going to for an uneven type of look. It seemed to worked well to sorta work in figure eights, creating petals across from each other. :) It's a bit tricky and you kind have to hold it together with both hands and just do what you can do as you go until the end, when you come to the center.

I clipped off the wire with some excess, then wrapped it around the center section a few times, holding all of the petals secure.

It took some working with to get it to look just how I was wanting after that, but all in all, this part is really very simple and quick. Requires both hands, but is still easier than, say, hauling all the groceries in to the house, or getting the laundry from the dryer to the couch to fold ;)

Next, separate the different patterns of flowers. I then used a glue stick to put glue on each of the petals of one flower...

And another flower to sandwich onto the wreath form. Just start adding flowers at random throughout...

I tried to work in threes, balancing the different paper patterns across the whole wreath. Put on as many as you like until you think it's full enough...

At the center, I wrapped a bit of thin green ribbon, just to create a little something different there.

and done! I've got this on my front door for now, but will move it to the top of my mantle before too long. :) Love the little things that scream Spring is here!

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