Monday, March 17, 2014

Favorite DIVERGENT Quote Printables

For quite awhile now, I've been wanting to read the book Divergent. I knew if I didn't read it before the movie came out, I'd end up starting with the sequels afterwards and didn't want to miss actually reading the first one too! Do you do that at all- once the movie comes out it's hard to get yourself to read the book?!

And do you maybe also get sucked in to a series- can't stop until you just get to the end already? I sure do! Read these three in one week- and that was holding off some. I'm really glad there's only a matter of days before the movie comes out! I've had Divergent on the brain big time... A couple of my blogger friends are fans too and tomorrow they're joining me for even more Divergent inspired creativity!

Divergent Quotes printable_ eight different favorites from the book #BeBrave
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But I had these simple quote printables ready to go too, so I'm sharing them tonight! These quotes and phrases from the book are some of my favorites. The faction symbols are the ones that will be seen in the movie and were released HERE.

Which would you say you are? :)

This one above was one of my very favorites- the awesome feeling after a productive day is second to none for sure :) I forget that all too often though!

Anyhow, these are designed as 3.5" x 5" cards- I was thinking they'd make good thoughts for hanging on a mirror. I put a few on my own mirror and some on the mirror where my older boys get ready.

Start by downloading the quotes HERE- all of them are fit onto just two pages.

Then I dipped in to my stash of washi tape to hang them. :) (I love this great dispenser that Stephen got me for Christmas!)

My own mirror... yes, the towel rack is my necklace hanger- ha ha :)

They would make nice bookmarks too :) Hope you enjoy, whatever use you find for them! Are you a Divergent fan too? What are you most looking forward to in the movie?? Is your favorite line from the book included here? :)

Divergent Quotes printables #BeBrave
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Remember, tomorrow I'll have even more Divergent goodness to share!


For more free printables, from movies, music and otherwise, click HERE :) 


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