Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happiness is Getting to Wear Shorts :)

As I'm writing this, it's actually snow/raining outside- welcome to Idaho! But lately the boys (Cooper specifically) have been thinking it's pretty great to get to wear shorts again :) Sometimes what you're wearing just makes it a good day, eh?

We recently visited home- too quick of a trip, but it was nice nonetheless. We watched movies on Mom's ipad, had a picnic outside, played on the big shale pile, and just soaked up the goodness of being there. :)

A few other random fun things... Ryder is so excited the trampoline is an option again! Our canvas seriously needs replaced, but for now they make do with what's there.

And they love Wild Kratts- pretty sure they are Martin and Chris' number one fans :) So we whipped up their own creature power suits, complete  with different discs for each animal drawn by Cooper.

Yes, finding new Skylanders that they've been on the hunt for for a long time warrants a picture :) I love the excitement on their faces!

Ryder's been going out and about with Stephen just a little more lately- he just gets so bored with me at home sometimes! This morning he got to go shooting with Dad :)

This last weekend, I went to Time Out for Women again with Mom and my sisters- always an uplifting time. This particular trip seems more fraught with complications by far... When I got back to the shop where Stephen had the boys, Ryder was asleep and woke up just enough to cuddle into me and go back to sleep again- awww. Love these moments. They are what matters far and beyond most...

So that's our family lately :) Nothing too exciting I suppose, but good nonetheless.
In reality, I guess I rather like good and happy over exciting.


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