Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simple Moments That Carry Us

Ha ha- I asked Coop to show me how excited he was to be wearing shorts to school and  this is what I got! Love this pic! Shorts and the winter coat :)

Anyhow, high time again for a little family update! Given that, ya know, we live in Idaho, the weather has been pretty weird lately. On this day above it was really beautiful- honestly warm enough for short sleeves outside all afternoon. And then two days later, of course, it snowed. Sure not much snow this winter- we barely scraped together one half-hearted sledding trip... kind of a bummer. Hopefully the high country has enough at least.

On this walk above, we explored the dry creek bed not far from our house. We throw rocks in the water all summer long, so it was pretty interesting for the boys to see it like this! :)

I know this is a terrible picture, but it was a fun memory that I wanted to capture. We were all in the car Sunday night taking Taron and Keaton back to Pocatello, jammin' out to some loud music, just a happy moment.

Leave it to me to wax poetic about it to boot, but in this simple, fun moment, it occurred to me that it's these bits of time that carry us. For me personally, at least, the snippets of real family comfort and happiness get somewhat over-absorbed to make up for the time we spend apart. :)

Goings on that mean Spring is coming- bright colored paint and paper- Ryder know Wood Creations as "the Lego table" store :) As usual, he always takes a toy of some sort with us wherever he goes :)

Stephen recently took the three oldest boys down to the Utah Sky Trials- we usually go together every year and have a good time out in the middle of nowhere. Cooper is sure in heaven bashing around the sagebrush with the big guys!

The two puppies we have are about ready to head to their new homes and the boys have been enjoying them before they do! They really are as cute as it gets.

We went out to a local restaurant to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the day Stephen and I went on our first date! This year we'll be doing plenty of acknowledging our ten year mark I daresay ;) 

I'm sure grateful for the simple goodness of our life!


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