Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Fun (aka. Ice, Ice Baby and a Major Egg Fight)

This year we hosted my extended family at our house for our annual Easter egg hunt! Lundyn and I had boiled a bunch of eggs, and combined them with a bunch that weren't boiled at all. The kids cracked them over each others heads and ended up having an all out messy egg war in the yard- they loved it! They boys were a yolky, slimy mess! I doubt my family agrees, but I think this might just need to be regular part of our annual get together :)

Again this year, my Mom and Dad hid Easter eggs for the adults to find, except they made us be tied together as couples as we hunted for them! Fun twist... and painful! I'm enough shorter than Stephen that we just couldn't get it together very well!

Before everyone came over, the boys helped me get our house ready for lots of company. Cleaning means music around here, of course... did you know Stephen and Taron can both sing along and keep up with the lyrics of Ice, Ice Baby perfectly?! It's pretty awesome. Cleaning and dance party are pretty well the same thing, right? :)

And they were super enthused about giving me a quick picture after Church in their dashing Easter bow ties. Before Church would have been better! Handsome, fun dudes none the less- we are blessed!


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