Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Home Based Memories

Watching a movie on Dad's iPad in a fort during Spring Break :)

When we think back on our childhoods, what comes to mind first, or most? I know for me, it's not always the same thing, but it seems like the memories that I do recall first are the simple ones. They are of fun pretend trips in the broke down Toyota, riding the four wheeler to check pivots, mud pies in the playhouse, pushing kitties dressed up as dolls, riding bikes around our house, being together in our basement playroom.

My parents took our family on trips and we were involved in lots of great hobbies. But somehow those memories always follow these more simple, home-based ones. I like that. Like knowing that moments like the ones in this post, where our life proves to be really quite uneventful, are actually kinda special. :)

This above is the Tale of the Time I Attempted to Re-arrange the Furniture. The boys played swords with kitchen utensils all the while, obviously. And about all that really came of it was my entire floor getting a good vacuuming... :/ I'm no interior designer- I couldn't figure out how to make our weird couch work anywhere but where it was, so back it all went- ha ha!

Funny, handsome fellas :) Cooper has recently decided he wants to be a fur trapper. I was just kinda trying to take his mind off the fact that he can't hunt until he's twelve and started a horrible wildfire in process I'm afraid... we've been gathering information and he's been thinking of just about nothing else lately, so I guess we'll see how it goes. (Also known as Wish Me Luck!) We refuse to let him set his own traps, so Mom might have to step up to plate...

The little boys and I out shooting with Stephen during Conference weekend. I wanted to stay home and do something creative while he took the boys. But I got talked in to going and I really enjoy times like these when we're all together and enjoy the outdoors. Crazy, but I still do love this sagebrush :)

This last weekend we stopped in briefly to the Kids Fair in town. This reptile booth was one the boys loved. Taron set a new record for the whole weekend pedaling a bike for the farthest distance in two minutes!

The boys both have been on a Wild Kratts kick lately too. Ryder loves wearing around his creature power suit that we made and is always asking me to draw more disks! We've heard that there's a line of actual toys coming out soon and it can't happen soon enough in their minds! Grateful that kind of thing is what they most like to watch :)

And in other creative Ryder news...

While we were at Orange Leaf with Grandma and Grandpa recently, the boys saw a group of cheerleaders do a cool stunt in front of the sign for a picture outside- they lifted a girl way up and she twirled down. They thought it was super cool! On our way out, my family couldn't get what I was doing wanting a picture, but Cooper and Ryder took the cue and performed their own sweet tricks :)

Tis' the season! Looking forward to Easter this weekend and some fun here at our house with cousins and family.I love Easter baskets and egg hunts :)

Regarding Easter, I've been joining in on the #BecauseofHim photo challenge this week- the pictures and thoughts on Instagram have been really neat to click through and read if want an uplift :)



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