Monday, April 14, 2014

Game Night Pizza and Breadstick Skewers with #tonyspizzeria

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What is it about Monday that's just not the greatest?
Maybe the fact that it's not the weekend anymore- ha!

Stephen works a lot, (maybe even more so on Friday and Saturday!) but even so, we really try to do something fun on the weekends too. We love inviting people over for games specifically- seems like it's just kinda what we do for something more out of the ordinary than just our own family group. 

We've been blessed with friends that are great to jump in at our invites. They make for really fun company- it feels so good to just laugh and relax! This last weekend, I cooked up a bunch of Tony's Pizza that I picked up from Walmart, and made my yummy breadsticks to go with the fun.

Truth: lots of times when we are hosting a party, I tend to go overboard. Friends get  to the house and comment about the spread of food, even though I've been feeling all afternoon like it might not be enough! We might kinda plan more than is reasonable oftentimes. We can't just grill hamburgers, no! We gotta have grilled shrimp and smoked baked potatoes and homemade fry sauce and fancy juice and cheesecake brownies too! It's just our style and our pleasure, I guess :)

But this change of pace, sticking to the pizza and breadsticks, was pretty nice for sure- simple and fast, not to mention cheaper. I used a coupon for 75 cents off two (while supplies last) that made it an especially good deal. Plus, a new crispier, crunchier crust, topped with real cheese and sauce made from real tomatoes sounded yum!

For and extra kick, I put together a few of these cute pizza and breadstick skewers for the boys. They seem to gravitate toward playing with skewers, actually. There's been several times they've all the sudden appeared as we're outside in the dirt, or that they've become part of extravagant duct tape concoctions. So, I knew these would make the pizza extra fun as part of our party. Plus, they turned out pretty cute- kinda like arrows, eh?  :)

Enjoyed much? I really just love the frosting and simple efforts that make things special :)

Game night in a house full of boys really just means a lot of running around with marshmallow guns or wrestling on the carpet... after mowing down a few pizzas, of course :)

To make the fun skewers, and because they always get rave reviews, I made a couple of batches of our favorite yummy breadsticks. We LOVE this recipe- they are SO good! Click this image below, then right click and save to print your own recipe card. These are seriously very easy to make and not a lot of ingredients go into the dough- don't hesitate to try these because you think they'll take too long- they really won't!

 Aren't they just pretty right out of the oven?! Plates of these and the cut, crispy pizza great centerpieces as we played games...

It goes without saying that holding cards, eating and taking a picture at the same time might not be the best idea for me :P For real, there's nothing but Diet Coke in those Red Solo Cups! :)

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