Monday, April 25, 2011

147:2 (Easter 2011)

We had a really fun Easter weekend! It was nice to have Taron and Keaton with us for some fun filled days. I took 147 pictures in two days it was so grand! :) And now you've been warned :) ...

 We opted to skip swimming with relatives in favor of fishing and then catch up with everyone later in the day. We drove to Oster Lake in Hagerman and caught a total of three fish! Keaton was thrilled to get the first fish of the day and Stephen let Cooper help reel in the other two. I enjoy fishing as long as it involves catching, so this was  fun time! My family ended up not getting to even go swimming thanks to a power outage, so were glad we chose fishing instead!

Then we went to my Uncle Kirk and Aunt Kim's house in Jerome for a yummy lunch and egg hunt! I participated in this egg hunt at her house as a kid myself and it's awesome to stick to the tradition for my own kids! Grandpa Merlin hid some particularly hard ones for the older kids- Taron stuck pretty close to him for some help with the finding!

Back at home, the weather was still so nice that we couldn't resist eating outside. We're out of propane so grilling was out, but Taron started a fire in our fire ring and we roasted hot dogs! I love taking pictures on a calm, clear evening- love these boys!

 Once again, it probably goes without saying that I LOVE filling my kids' Easter baskets! I like adding a church picture and the pinwheels were so cute! Taron and Keaton got some new church shoes and the little boys got pajamas- both much needed around here! They also each got a can of silly string and went outside almost immediately to play with it! Pretty sure it's now Cooper's favorite thing ever :) Cooper had these window crayons in his and all the boys love them! Also pretty sure that my windows will never be the same again... :)

Confession: We didn't actually make it to Stake Conference (blush)... we had really good intentions but mis-used our time in the end. Sooooo, the boys all indulged me and dressed up in their church duds for a family picture! I LOVE how it turned out! The little guys were so stinkin' cute in their fun bow ties and suspenders! (More to come on that in itself!) Look at those handsome dudes I get to be surrounded by- I am one lucky lady!

 Tried also to get a nice shot of all four boys... this little gem above makes me laugh! :) They were pretty stoked to wrestle around on the tramp after all that posing! That's more like who we really are for sure! :)


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