Monday, April 18, 2011

Bow Tied Boys

Yet another one of those things that can be called "cute" but still apply to boys- Bow Ties!  Awhile back I got the boy's some fun little bow ties through whoopdwhoop and they love them! They got to wear them to church yesterday and were about as handsome as they could get =)

Coop was ready early to go to choir with Dad and Ry wasn't yet, but thought he needed his pic taken too =) So stinkin' cute- he gives me the biggest smile!

About the same time I had gotten these ones, I decided I wanted one that would actually tie. I followed the most amazing tutorial from Delia Creates to make this one:

 I can't remember what the bribe was for Coop to put on his church shirt and model for me, but I do remember there was one! =) The bow tie itself was no problem, just the shirt. He's actually been wearing the bow tie like the greatest accessory ever:

 The robot we concocted that needed to match his =)

 In jammies at breakfast...

 Playing outside (in both his bow ties no less!)...

Church shirt, check. Pants? Not even, Mom. And no, I don't need to comb my hair...
Balloons, softie play pants and bow ties- wow, I  love being a boy mama!

That tutorial for the bow ties will even teach you how to tie it using her sock monkey, above! I'll be busy these next few days making more of these for the boys' Easter baskets (even Taron and Keaton!) and to wear to church next week, along with some matching suspenders!

Cute and boys in the same sentence??
No doubt!


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