Thursday, April 28, 2011

Puff Paint and More

Cooper has recently discovered both tape and scissors. As a result, paint is less of a big deal in our world. But it wasn't too long ago that we tried this other recipe for puffy paint- it was a big, fun mess!

This recipe uses the three ingredients above- so easy! I just mixed random amounts of the shaving cream and glue until it seemed right to me, then added the color until I was happy with the hue. Coop obviously loved painting more than just the paper!

And to supervise the scissor obsession, I brought out yet another messy project- springy paper shred chicks!

These are made with plastic eggs and paper easter grass... probably two things in excess around your house too right now, eh? Click through to this idea at Krafty Kat!

And see those two and that sweet bike set-up?!? Their Mom is pretty tough... :)


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