Monday, April 4, 2011

Stuff and Things

Thought instead of my typical "Meaningful Monday" today I'd play catch up with some of our random goings on lately.

I'm hopeful to share a bit of my reactions to this weekend's General Conference, so that will be on deck for future Mondays. (Honestly, I'd go into that today, but the boys and our travels made it so I wasn't able to absorb as much as I'd have liked of Conference. (gasp!) Soooo.... I have several talks in mind I want to sit down and read this week!)

Anyhow, here's the thing: I take pictures of just about everything! My camera is an extension of me most days, so I often scroll through our pictures folder and see so much I could post but don't get to. So...

 Tried this fun, simple blow fish game. This was a simple, creative something new that the boys really enjoyed! Click HERE to get the fish download and instructions.

 Mismatched for Sunday- he simply had to wear a tie like brothers! :)

This is the first of two recipes for puffy paint that we've tried lately. I mixed at random until it seemed right: flour, water and salt. Ended up being pretty fun. See how the little monsters I painted for Coop looked kinda puffy when dry:

 This pic will be blackmail when he's older :)  So he got this huge pen at the Dollar Store and decided for some reason that it needed to be turned into a laser on top of his head! So, being the creative Mom that I am, I strapped one of my headbands around his head and secured it! He thought it was Sweet!

And this picture warms my heart... yes, I know, he's far too close to the screen, but oh well for the time being... He's actually watching and loving one of my favs from when I was younger...

Wee Sing in Sillyville! We borrowed this little treasure from my Mom awhile ago, along with the Big Rock Candy Mountains version. And Ry thinks they are the greatest! He dances around the bedroom while they are on- a great babysitter while I'm in the shower across the hall! :) Anytime my boys take to something I remember loving as a kid myself, I just have to smile :)


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