Friday, April 22, 2011

Pre-Easter Fun

Strangely it seems like it's taken forever for Easter to get here. But at the same time, I've about missed it sharing a few of the Easter projects we've done!

I saw this cute birds nest idea HERE and thought it would be one that Cooper would love (and would give me a reason to get some mini Cadbury eggs!) He really did get in to every step of this little treat project. We enjoy sharing them with friends and neighbors!

Both of the boys really enjoyed dying eggs this year- Ryder kept saying "ball, ball, ball!" over and over in as excited a voice as possible! Coop still thinks his colorful eggs are treasures and refuses to let us actually eat them!

And as a side note, want to try a cool side with your Easter dinner this weekend?...

Coat some pretty potatoes with oil and salt, then stack them on the grill! We were able to set our grill to smoke, but I think this would be yummy even if you just cook them on a lower setting on a normal grill. They turn out really yummy and the skins are crispy yum!

We hope everyone has a great Easter weekend, whatever you may be doing! 


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