Monday, January 23, 2012

family DANCE evening!

Once a month, the Buffat side of the family gets together for a combined Family Home Evening. We girls pick a theme and then each bring part of the dinner and a dessert, plus there's a brief lesson- it's always a good time! It was most recently at our house and our theme was "Summer in the Winter" so we fired up the grill and made summery salads!

Once our short lesson was over and everyone was done eating... you guessed it- dance party time! The teenagers asked Stephen if he would please turn on his music and quickly everyone was in on the fun! Our sweet nephew Brandon loved it! Really everyone, from family patriarchs Grandpa Reynolds and Bruce, to the toddlers and teenagers, seemed to be totally enjoying it!

Ryder was constantly trying to drag his older girl cousins into to twirl with him!

See those two above? Men and women don't come any better than them... Stephen's Grandma Sally and Grandpa Ralph are forever making the rounds to be part of all of their children's goings on. All that you see here is because of them- because of all they have weathered together and taught their children in the process. I know that my husband wouldn't be who he is if not for these two dear people. We love them!

I have been blessed with such fun sisters and brothers in law! Marvin and Kathy and Ryan and Marci are always enjoyable and comfortable to be around. I appreciate that they seem to really love and enjoy our boys... and we love having their girls around too!

I know it's get together's like these that make it so are all at ease when we get together. :) Even as anxious as I can be,  it doesn't take too long usually for me to calm down and enjoy! I love how comfortable this family is together and am so grateful to be part of it!



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