Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ringing it In


Woo hoo! Finally... we woke up to snow New Years Eve morning! We got on our snow clothes and drove to the church parking lot to soak it up :)

Socks for gloves and playing peek-a-boo :)  And Taron spent his every spare minute setting up the K'nex roller coaster he and Keaton got from my parents for Christmas- cool, eh? He was, impressively, able to keep it from getting destroyed by the little boys!

It ended up being super fun having our friends the Rogers' and Marvin and Kathy and family over for the night! I made pretzels bites following this idea and they were a huge hit! I also hung balloons with activities on them that the kids could pop on the hour (or so) through the night. I had seen this idea HERE. This ended up not being too effective in reality, but they did end up doing each of the activities anyway. In the last stretch before midnight, Stephen cranked up some tunes and it became a dance party!

Yes, yes, it's true: Stephen and Marvin couldn't help but try to do the worm again :) And everyone loved  the glowsticks as we counted down- really a fun night! Thanks to our friends and family for making it that way!



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