Friday, January 27, 2012

Kids Art Heart Garland

say that a few times fast, eh? :)

When I went to decorate my mantle for Valentines, I saw a pile of Cooper's pictures, destined for the trash (because if I saved all of his pictures as keepsakes, they'd already need their own room)... I decided I'd try clipping them up and creating a cute heart garland! He loved helping me with it!

In order to get four hearts out of each sheet, I folded the page into quarters like above, then drew half hearts and clipped! And, of course, I would have drawn incorrectly on the paper I grabbed to snap a pic of... nice! Make sure your half hearts are facing the seam... :} :) Then I punched small holes in both side of each and strung them all together.

And took pics of him being super silly in the process! I thought it turned out pretty cute on the mantle...

I know it's pretty busy and not super polished looking, but all those pics sure say a lot about love and our family... Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds, Grammie and Papa, some of my favorite pics of the boys when they were all littler...

And these fun love blocks I whipped up... I love the look of painting two colors on top of each other and then sanding and haven't done it in a long time!

Anyhow, if you have some extra kids art lying around,
it's actually Valentine decor just waiting to be made! ;)


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