Monday, January 2, 2012

Word of the Year

For the past two years, as the year begins, I've chosen a word of the year. A word that I hoped would capture what I wanted to accomplish or be or do through that year. I've been thinking about it for 2012 and have decided to go with...

...prioritize. Truth be told, I'm not sure I feel any huge surge of motivation toward a specific resolution. I know, I know, a horrible admission given that it's New Years! The thing is, I have lots of changes and desires on my mind all the time. So much so that I can't figure out how to turn my mind off to be able to sleep most nights! Also, I think a word that would describe 2011 for us might be tumultuous. Two moves in four months, letting go of our business and taking on a new job- some big, tough changes. I don't want to be complacent by any means, but this might be the year to settle rather than tackle.

So here's just a few, everyday things I'd like to be priorities over this year..

Simplify. Here's the thing- I love frosting. Not like the cupcake kind (though, that's good too). Frosting is what I call the little "extras" or finishing touches in life. I can't just bake a loaf of bread and run it down to the neighbor. No, I have to wrap it smoothly and sew a ruffle to wrap around it and cut out a little tag to add with bakers twine... get what I mean? :P This applies to lots of areas of my life- overextending so that I only disappoint myself (and make my family miserable in the process)! I would really do well to just let the details go in favor of what matters more. 

Familiarity and friendships. I am loving where we live. Idaho Falls has been a great move for me and for our family. But one thing I really miss about Eden is how familiar it was. I valued knowing the names of people I saw in the halls at Church or feeling like I was part of the conversation among a group of people. I know familiarity takes time, years upon years upon years even. But I think if I work at gaining it here, then it can be possible even now, at least to a degree. Stephen is great at this kind of thing- I'm grateful I have him to make this much more possible!

Spiritual consistency. I daresay we are good people. We have righteous desires and try to make righteous choices. We are also very down-to-earth, surely to a fault sometimes. We can, and need to, do better. Solid consistency with going to the temple, scripture reading, FHE and tithing are priorities for this year. Plus, we recently got called to be Sunbeam teachers and I intend to be awesome at it! ;)

Menu planning. I really enjoy cooking and baking, but really don't enjoy coming up with what to make! For the longest time I've wanted to make weekly menus so that I don't have to face this ridiculous struggle every afternoon! See- why don't I take my creativeness and make a menu decoration already?!

Health. I truly believe that health is wealth. But you might not ever guess it. I really would like to take better care of mine and my family's wellness. Not necessarily with any grand change or upset, just with simple choices of good over bad, discipline over ignorance.

Good Luck with whatever priorities you have for this year, too!



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