Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boy Trapped

Cooper's hit the stage that anytime he sits pretty much anywhere, he comments about whether he's surrounded by boys or girls, and then gives everyone else the same status update. Pre-cursor to the "cooties" stage I'm guessing. So lately he's been telling me a lot, "You're boy trapped, Mom!" because- shocker- I have a boy sitting on both sides when we sit down! Indeed, I am boy trapped around here... as blessedly as it gets! :)

We had a fun, low key Easter weekend- could the little dudes get any more handsome?!?
I loved their cutie vests. Can't resist sharing the laughable outtakes, either...

Sun in their eyes! That one above makes me laugh out loud!

Believe it or not, we had some legitimately warm days here in spring-barely-exists Idaho.
Maybe not quite warm enough for this...

... but we're nuts like that, I guess! They really weren't as cold as you would think!
Still though, now that it's cooler again I shake my head at these pics for sure!
Summer can't get here soon enough... only it will still be awhile yet :/
I'm having a hard time getting through to Ryder why we can't go to the beach already!

Outdoor fun looks more like these above in reality-
hoodies (backwards no less!) and rosy faces!
Cute rosy faces!
At least we are able to get outside at all!

Daily life... Cooper asking for me to take a picture when feels like he's "lookin' good."
Because he is :)
And Ryder preferring that his toys be the model for a picture.

And I couldn't be any more happy to have had this little cutie, my baby nephew that for real could not get any more adorable, in the mix of my "boy trapedness" this last weekend! He cried every time I held him, but still, he's the cutest ever! We celebrated Easter together with my family all together at my parents- meant to get a group family picture but I forgot my stinkin' camera! :P Which also meant I got very few pics at all...

Anyhow, as always, Boys Rule!
And I am so grateful that life is so good.
I couldn't love being boy trapped any more :)


In totally unrelated news... wanna see something kinda neat??
This is a Shark Egg!

Can you make out the striped shark on the right and the yolk sack to the left?! It's hangin' out in our aquarium, just messin' with us as to how much longer it will be before it hatches. Crazy to think that shark mothers lay their eggs and just leave them be! The babies emerge from this soft shelled egg entirely able to survive on their own... We are really hoping we don't miss it coming out of the egg :) If we don't, I'll be sure to share those pics, too :)


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