Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Live HIGHER: Time Out for Women 2013

Every now and then my Mom and sisters just decide we need to get together.
We see each other separately fairly often- not as much as I'd like for sure, but enough I can't complain.
But we don't see each other all together as much, so we try to make girls dates on occasion.
A couple of years ago we went to a Time Out for Women weekend in Logan and it was great!
This year we were able to go again here in Idaho Falls.
My sister-in-law Jodie wasn't able to come from Utah, but otherwise it proved awesome again!

I was so excited to see Hillary Weeks in person on Saturday! She has long been my favorite LDS singer. I found out she is also an awesome speaker- I could've listened to her the entire time I think!

Really, all of the speakers were great- I got something from each talk we heard. I've had fun going through my notes and making a few printables to share of things that struck me the most. I really hope that no matter what your background or religious preference, these thoughts will be helpful and encouraging!

Hillary spoke to us specifically about seeing ourselves more positively, about allowing ourselves to believe we are and become stronger. She recently started a neat project at a site called Billion Clicks- worth a jump over if you need to alter your negative self talk! I know this is something I struggle with. There is no one in my life that is anywhere even close to as hard on me as I am on myself! My husband believes I am phenomenal on my worst days, whereas I seem to forever be telling myself I don't really deserve all the goodness around me. Actually stopping and thinking about how much I am hurting myself can be so powerful!

Probably my favorite talk of the whole weekend was by a Desert Book author names James Ferrell. He compared life to an ocean, with each person in their own little boat, and all of the boats have holes in them- we are all facing imminent drowning. He talked about how we fall into the trap of looking around us and thinking other people's holes are bigger than our own. Or maybe we look at our own boat and think that our holes are bigger than everyone else's. He went on to help us see that in reality, we are all in the same boat. We are all going to sink- there is no need at all for judgmental thinking outward or inward. I really liked both of these quotes of his above. I know this is a talk I will never forget! :)

Both of these speakers above were great too... Honestly, I've often heard lessons and talks about "giving" our pain and sorrows to our Heavenly Father. But I struggle with how to actually do it. I am not one to let go of my worry easily. I really liked how Lynn McLean (who is Micheal McLean, the musical artist's wife) talked about giving our trials to the Lord like being a game of Hot Potato. We feel the pain- I am going to worry or struggle whether I like it or not really- and then we just determine not to continue to wallow in them. Somehow I can grasp the idea of feeling how I feel and then telling myself to think of my Heavenly Father instead, have hope and carry on. Maybe doing that very thing day in and day out even...

The talk on creativity by Wendy Ullrich really struck a chord with me. She was speaking about creativity in broader terms than just crafting or cooking, but because I am a creative type, I still kinda like the idea of thinking of it like that. :) I love this one about doing things badly- I know pretty much nothing I put my hand to do turns out as fabulous as what other bloggers seem to be sharing. But at least I am using my drive to be creative. One thing she asked us was about the things we would do if fear wasn't an issue. I thought for a bit and wrote down that I would blog better and I would be more social. If fear wasn't an issue, I'd just share to my heart's content here on this little blog! (Perhaps it's a good thing that I don't though, eh?!) And if fear wasn't a factor, I would definitely be more social- invite people over to get to know them more, be more comfortable in social situations in general. There are a lot of things I could've continued to think of doing were it not for fear too! What would you do if fear wasn't an issue?

I was really touched by the final speaker's life story- she was blind and had to have her entire eye socket removed, so her face was somewhat disfigured. She's also dealt with a lot of other horrible health issues! No doubt she has had times she wishes she just weren't alive. At least most of us would have in her shoes! But she was so funny and really just radiated hope and goodness! She talked about how our Savior can help us and knows us, that He can heal us. It was a nice way to end the day :)

Aren't we cute?! The worst lighting ever in the auditorium, but oh well! :P

Time Out for Women was really a great experience- thanks Mom, Lundyn and Cyndel for a great weekend! At some other point, a speaker asked us to think of the reasons we had come to the event. My first answer was that I wanted to spend time with them. I'm so grateful for my awesome family that I feel comfortable around and uplifted by!

Please click, then right click and save and print any of these quotes you'd like! Hopefully you can tuck them in your scriptures or tape them on your mirror or in the dash of your car to help you remember to be more positive and know that our Heavenly Father loves YOU!



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