Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun, Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

Recently I've seen and happened upon several cute bracelets made out of Memory Wire-
first from HERE, then also from HERE and HERE.
Ya know those projects that you see and can't get over until you do it?
These were that way for me!

Confession: I had no idea what memory wire was! Hadn't ever heard of it before! It goes without saying that jewelry making is not my forte. :P I've only ever even ventured to make jewelry of any kind once or twice. (Insert Reminder: "Boys World" Here :P) But, I found the wire at our local craft store easily and snagged these cool beads on clearance- the only way to by them as far as I'm concerned! 

And I love how this bracelet turned out!
I didn't want to take it off honestly! I'll be making more of these no doubt :)

The links above where I got the inspiration from have great tutorials, so I won't really do anything too detailed here- THIS ONE will help spell out everything you need to know :) But I will share just a bit of how I made my own bracelet...

The tools I used- Memory Wire (it is actually called that on the package- which I was relieved to see! I had thought maybe "memory wire" was a lingo type term, but no, it's not...), two short strands of beads I got at Michaels, needle nose pliers, wire cutters or the most crappy pair of scissors you own (not pictured) and smaller wooden beads (not pictured). I had thought I'd need to fill in with some extra beads I had from a broken necklace (the turquoise ones above) but, it turned out I didn't. :)

I did end up using these small seed-type wooden beads I had from some adventures in jewelry making adventures back in the day. I only had these few and they ended up being enough, thankfully! I used one smaller bead between each of the larger ones. I love the colors and "swirliness" of these beads!

Mine ended up not wrapping quite twice around my wrist. I would've like it double that much honestly, but didn't want to fill in with the extra beads and these were all I had of these ones- I still love it as is, no complaints. I really like how it can slink lower on my arm or up onto my hand- it just feels nice that way to me :)

Isn't it just pretty?!
My new favorite bracelet that I'll be able to wear with lots of colors and outfits!
Just a few simple, inexpensive resources and very little time involved- love fun projects like that!
Enjoy if you make your own! Remember you can find better details about how HERE or HERE. :)



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