Monday, April 15, 2013

Bobby Pin Bling

So "bling" is really not my thing... less is more for me for sure!

If I'm wearing both a necklace and earrings, I usually worry I'm over-doing it with the accessories! But I do like looking like I actually tried, too, ya know? Almost any time I wear my hair down, I pin a strand back with a bobby pin so I can still function without my hair taking over! I wanted to be able to add a little somethin' to a few bobby pins so I could feel like they weren't quite so boring...

I snagged some strands of beads for 55% off at Michaels and some little "Bling" embellishments on clearance for 99 cents. I loved the little triangles and thought they were simple, but pretty enough, too.

Cut them apart (they were adhesive, but not nearly enough), then hot glued..

Kinda like little arrows, eh?
I liked the end result- not enough to be the only thing you see,
but a tiny touch of extra that's nice too :)

I also had these cool, flat patina-like beads that I knew wouldn't look good just glued on- you could see the hole in them and it just seemed like it didn't really belong. So I used wire cutter to snip off the end of one side of the bobby pin...

and strung the bead right on! I actually didn't even glue it at all- once it was strung to the other end, it seemed really secure and since it's flat, it didn't move really at all! The lack of a stopper on the one end didn't diminish the pin's hold in my hair either. (The weight of my hair diminishes any pin's hold... I have to fix them a couple times through the day no matter what! :P) This one is my favorite :)

The simplest little thing ever, but fun and cute :) If bling IS your thing, use bigger beads or flowers- whatever goes for sure! I'll be on the lookout for another great deal on more flat style beads to try this some more! Happy Monday, all!


And just in case anyone needed another bit of proof
regarding my mad skills in self-portraiture/ project modeling... here's a parting shot...
ya know, of the cute bobby pin in my hair... :P :)


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