Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snack Necklace Kids Craft

One of the projects I recently selected for the Pinterest 14 Challenge was a fun snack necklace that I had seen HERE. The next time I went to the grocery store, I kept my eye out for some candy and snack that had a hole in the middle so I would have them on hand for the next boring afternoon when I needed something to entertain the boys with (ya know, like, the very next day)...

Honestly, there really aren't too many very good options when it comes to ring snacks- at least that I found. These are what I ended up with. The fruit loops were just fine for Cooper, but the hole was too small for Ryder- he couldn't string them on his necklace by himself. My having to do it for him ruined the appeal, of course, so he stuck to the bigger stuff mostly :)

I tied a slip knot and looped it around their wrists as they strung candy on-
helped them avoid things just falling off the other end :)

Super intent (and too quick for the picture!) as they strung treats... and maybe ate a couple of cookies in the process ;) I thought I'd have to be stopping them  from eating too much, but that actually wasn't the case at all- it was like their new creations were too special to be eaten :)

And it's gotten almost impossible to get a very good pic of these two crazies together! I wanted a nice shot of them and their new fun necklaces, but they insisted it was time to be super cool ninjas :) That and try to punch each other below the waist and laugh hysterically about it :/ 

And there you have a bit of our life for real :P 

Fun, easy boredom buster that will help remind your kiddos you are the coolest Mom ever :)



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