Monday, May 6, 2013

Boys (still) Rule

Have I used that post title a thousand times already? Pretty much.
So this makes 1,001...
because, for real, boys rule :)

They rule this place at least!

Our last weekend with Taron and Keaton home was actually moderately nice, even nice enough that they got into some water play! Stephen and I tag teamed to fill a bunch of water balloons to toss to them in turns. Now there's still all sorts of little neon pieces all over our yard :/ Worth it, though :) We even had a picnic lunch on the river after hitting some yard sales. Fun to see the temple and some families of baby ducks...


The very next day after Taron and Keaton were gone again, our shark egg finally hatched!  It had been months since Stephen has gotten it in with a fish order... Sadly, we missed the exact moment it came out of the egg, but not by too much I don't think. Kind neat :)

Cooper's class has been having daily show and tell as a review of each letter of the alphabet. So there's an "A" day, "B" day and so on. For the very first one, he got to take in his anole lizard. I think it might have been the third day of school that he asked his teacher if there would be show and tell in kindergarten, so he's been waiting a long time for this! Good thing there's one every day until school is out ;)

My mom happened to be in town and was able to cruise over to his school on "H" day for him to share his Grandma Huffaker. Stephen took his falcon in on "F" day and a puppy for "P." It's been pretty fun thinking of things that start with that letter! We really struggled for "K" and came up with an Act of Kindness... :)

Could you die over that picture?!? I love it! So very boy! And childhood and just... happiness. Makes me over think it, like my usual self, and be so grateful for how blessed this time in our life is! I am so grateful to be capturing and sharing moments like this... simple things like licking out the brownie bowl :)

Or making our own rockets for little toy guys :) I've been worrying less about my laptop and the schedule of the blog this last while (obviously, eh?) and playing more with Ryder while Cooper is gone to school. We fly to the moon and back. :)

Recently I got to watch my delicious little nephew for a few hours while my brother and sister-in-law went to a job interview here in Idaho Falls! He was so fun and I got to actually enjoy one of his happy times :) I might've taken about 200 pictures of him... 

who could blame me? :)



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