Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cute and Simple Baby Burp Rags

When Cooper was born, my Aunt made me the cutest burp rags that I just loved!

They were simple, but so cute. Because I liked them so well, I used one of them to create a pattern and make them myself to give as baby gifts. These are a great way to bust your flannel fabric stash! (Or, a good excuse for choosing cute flannel to buy while I'm waiting in line at the fabric cutting counter...)

I have a friend that is expecting a baby girl, so I got to actually use these cute prints I've been hoarding! If you are a crocheter, these are also perfect for adding a pretty edge! They are super easy and this little tutorial will make it even moreso...

First grab the free pattern HERE...
Place it over two coordinating (or identical) pieces of flannel fabric. 
Cut out and you'll end up with two pieces to sew together.

I like to iron the two, right sides together- this seems to help them stick together
and makes it so I can avoid pinning :)
Confession: I hate having to use pins when I sew :P

Then sew a seam around the outside edge of those two pieces-
make sure to leave a small opening to turn it right side out through...

Once it's turned, iron flat again, tucking the edges of your opening under to match the edge.

Then sew all the way around again, starting at your opening :) 

And that's it! As simple as it gets, eh?
I do like to go over the finished product with the iron again- kinda crisps it back up.
Now it's ready to be embellished with a crochet edge if you like.
I've done that in the past, but it's been too long for me to remember how very well!
Even without any additional edging, these are super cute :)

Again, you can get started with the printable pattern HERE.

These make the best gifts- a Mom with a new baby (or even a toddler really)
can never have too many burp rags!
I need to just spend and afternoon whipping these up so I'll have them ready to go.
They are super cute rolled up and tucked into a cello bag with a ribbon :)




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