Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cooper Conner Is SIX!

Cooper is turning SIX years old today!
Amidst hanging streamers and balloons and all the prep to make it a fun day for him,
I of course can't help but me a bit sentimental in thinking back.

He's my Number One...

5th Birthday

4th Birthday

Also 4th... couldn't resist throwing this one in here :)

Turning three

2nd Birthday

First Birthday

How does it happen??
I can't really ask where the time hadsgone... because I know.

It's gone to games of peek-a-boo, hide and seek, and Old Maid.
It's gone to Primary songs and dance parties.
It's gone to countless conversations about fossils and rocks,
animals of pretty much every kind, and the next big thing he'd like to try or have.
It's gone to squirting colored vinegar over baking soda, popsicle stick catapults
and how many blanket forts.
Gone to learning to pedal, taking off training wheels, and skinned knees I worried might never heal.
It's gone to a bazillion presses of the camera button, ten thousand splashes with the hose...
lots and lots of bright, full faced, blessed smiles
It's gone to so many memories rushing through my brain.
So many things I know I can't remember, should've written down.

It's been stored up inside of who I am.
Hopefully well enough.
Because it's passing too fast.
Years from now I'll look back on this blog and cry over my sons growing up,
pretty much just like I am now.
Any typos are because I seriously can't see...

This doesn't stop, does it.
No question mark needed for that question.

But I have to believe things don't go downhill from here.
They'll only get  better.

He makes LIFE better :)

Happy Birthday, Cooper!



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