Monday, May 20, 2013

ultimate LEGO giveaway!

So it's pretty much a given that boys love LEGO!

This week I'm teaming up with some other fun bloggers to help Kara from The Joys of Boys celebrate her one year blogiversary with the Ultimate LEGO Giveaway!

I've been so grateful to have gotten connected with Kara and several other boy mom bloggers. She is a marvel to me at balancing life and blogging and boys! I love the down-to-earth style at The Joys of Boys too. A few of my favorites of hers include:

This awesome quote and reminder to keep sports fun and not get too competitive:

And I will definitely be making these for my boys this summer...
ya know, so they can hurt each other and get them taken away again!:

Cool enough to be worth it, eh? ;)

Kara also rocks the birthday party over at The Joys of Boys!
She has several awesome ones shared in detail, the most recent being this cool sports theme:

So, if you have boys, (or girls that love LEGO too!),
this giveaway is definitely for YOU! One lucky winner will receive:
a LEGO Duplo Brick Box-perfect for that first LEGO experience (recommended ages 1 1/2 - 5)
a LEGO Bricks and More Box (recommended ages 4+) and
Power Mech perfect for older boys (ages 7-12).

Every age and ability level is covered- woo hoo! These would make you the coolest
Mom, Aunt or Grandma ever, and could be a lifesaver at an extended family function this summer!
The rafflecopter below will walk you through it and, like always,
I'll be sending out good vibes that one of MY faithful readers will win! Good luck!



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