Friday, May 17, 2013

Cutting Grass... Pulling Teeth... Taking Aim

No one really loves to mow their lawn, right?? Our neighbors would certainly never mistake us for loving it- we seriously wait until the absolute 11th hour before we mow it seems! But Stephen recently did some trading for this super-awesome-seen-better-days-but-we-think-it-still-rocks riding lawnmower! And now we might just mow our lawn for the fun of it... or, more truthfully, let Taron or Keaton hop on and mow for the fun of it! :) Ryder thinks it's a new play toy and has taken several sweet trips without moving an inch on this thing already :)

And just after mowing, Stephen got to work again doing this...

pulling out both of Cooper's bottom loose teeth with a string of floss! I know, I know, should've waited to take the proud picture until it stopped bleeding... sorry. :/ Cooper couldn't have been more excited and was so tough and brave getting them pulled out! The tooth fairy was super generous (considering there were two teeth) and left three $1 bills and eight quarters under his pillow (aka. what Stephen could dig up when he remembered at the very last minute before Coop woke up) Love moments like this- what an awesome time of life to be experiencing so many great firsts and onlys!

In other not-so-newsworthy news, we've been soaking up the warmer weather for sure...

For real, only the coolest kids can pull this off... :P
And, while he couldn't look more nerdy, I just love this pic! Yet another snapshot of childhood :)

 We got the pool dug out of the garage earlier this week and have been loving it!
I was so glad it made it through the winter without getting any holes in it!

For Mothers Day, I really wanted a picture with me and all the boys... But, Taron and Keaton had to leave early Sunday morning to spend the day with their Mom and it just wasn't in the cards to get them all together. So I tried taking one quick just before we left for Church later on... and might as well not have bothered... but here's what I got... I'll take it I guess. :)

It's true, this one isn't any better... but this makes up for it for sure:

Cutest thing! I love little gifts like this and Cooper was so thrilled to give these to me! He was as cute as could be singing up on the stand at Church, too- looking right at me, so proud and beaming the whole time! #motherhoodrocks

The Saturday before, we participated in the Blackfoot River Bowmen archery shoot. What fun to get back in our element again! Well, parts of it were fun at least. The little boys still make these archery shoots kinda difficult and slow, but I was happy with my shooting for the most part none the less. Pretty sure I decided that day that Stephen needs a 3D target for Fathers Day coming up :) No matter what, I love shooting with my crazy, awesome boys! In the not too far distant future, these kind of weekends will be more frequent and more fun with everybody rockin' their shots :) 

And it should be noted that only the best older brothers carry small stuffed animals in their quivers... :)



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