Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog Swap with Ten Cow Chick!

Today I'm excited to be blog swapping with Mariesa at Ten Cow Chick!
Even though her blog is WAY bigger than mine,
she was gracious enough to swap for the day!
Every time I stop by her blog, I'm uplifted and impressed with

how realistic and crafty she is!
Just her blog name alone is enough to make anyone who gets it smile!

I am soo excited that Sky was sweet enough to invite me to do a blog swap with her!
I'm honored that she'd think enough of my blog to want to do a swap!
I can't believe she has {FOUR} boys and
manages to make cute things and keep up an awesome blog.
Ohmygoodgravy I can barely keep up with my two little girls!

My name is Mariesa and I call myself the Ten Cow Chick.
It's a reference to the Johnny Lingo movie, in case you were wondering why
I would refer to myself as a "cow" :-)
I try to share my love of the gospel on my blog. I didn't serve a mission
so my blog is my way to let others know what members of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are all about.
Awhile back I shared scripture stickers on my blog
and that has been by far the most loved post by readers.

My bow tutorials are also a big hit for people with little girls.
I learned how to make bows from the women in my ward (church group)
so it's fun to share this "talent" with everyone else.

I serve as the Activity Days leader in my ward
so I also post about our recent activities to share my ideas with other leaders.

If Sky was my neighbor I'm sure we'd be best friends!
Thanks for having me over at Capital B!

Thanks Mariesa!
I also tried her cream cheese filled strawberries recently- YUM!
Hope you'll come see me and all her fun ideas at Ten Cow Chick!


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