Friday, August 26, 2011

Nothing Compares

 ... to Redfish!
 There are lots of other places we could go,
but none of them have the same nostalgia.
As always, it wouldn't be summer without Redfish Lake!

Yes, that's ME skiing! I didn't ski at all last year and this run this year was the best feeling I've had in a long time! So fun! Then my Dad thought my hair "looked awesome" in the boat just after and snapped this picture :)

In general, Cooper and Ryder both had as much fun as they could have
catching minnows and playing in the water.
Cooper really enjoyed the boat this year, but Ry is still scared of it!
Conner and Jodie and Cyndel and Ben were all great sports with the kids!

Cooper thought Grandpa's doo-rag was the best thing ever
and asked him if he could have "one of those hats."
He wore it more often than not this trip!
At one point on a gas run, the whole boat cam back with them on!

It was fun to watch my sister-in-law Jodie try to drop one this year!
Hey Jodie- from the looks of this picture, I'd say you got it! ;)

And my soon to be brother-in-law Ben,
like Cyndel says, is "pretty much good at anything he tries"- obviously :)

One evening we took the boys to the kid's fishing pond at the Sawtooth Hatchery. Both of the boys just love fishing! Stephen and I have a system where he fishes while I beach it and Cooper also went with him one day too- loved every minute! Stephen promised that next year he'd spend more time with me on the beach... here's hoping! But no matter what, it's awesome to be in a place that we can both do both!

One afternoon, Ryder kept kyping yogurt pretzels from Quincy
and feeding them to baby Brylee!
Poor Quince wasn't very happy, but it was pretty comical for us watching :)

Note to self: pack the wagon again next year!
It was a great way to get everything and everyone to and from the beach!

Grammie got sand balls rather than pretzels, I guess :)
 This tub is another great asset when we camp-
we stuff it with blankets to pack it and then use it to give the boys a bath!
Ry gives me the "stink eye" for taking pictures in the process!

And this was deja-vu seeing Ry play with the water spouts!
Cooper loved them too at this age...
Thanks to my awesome family for another great trip!


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