Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking Down

There are two, and specifically one,
little boys around here that think snakes are pretty cool.
And bugs and spiders and fish and frogs and birds... ok, just animals.
They don't get it from me- just making that clear... 

I missed last week's photo challenge with camping and all,
but I was actually looking forward and really thinking on
this and next week's assignments-
high vantage point and low vantage point.

When Cooper ran in the house earlier this week and
announced with as much excitement as humanly possible
that Dad had caught another snake, I followed with the camera in tow!
I say another because, yes, we already have one
camped out in a small my chagrin.
Anyhow, I stood up on a cooler and snapped down
as they scoped out the day's creature catch.
I felt like these pics captured a bit of boyhood somehow :)

I actually really like this angle for photographing.
I also did use my manual mode!
I adjusted mostly the shutter speed
as I watched to make sure the exposure was ok.
They didn't all turn out, but it was fun to get more familiar
with making quick changes on my own!


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