Monday, August 8, 2011

Makes Me Smile... And Helps Me Catch Up


We are just getting home from Stephen's family reunion in Island Park.
Great times spent with great people in a great place.
Great to be home too :)
I got some cute pics from the trip that
I'll have to take time later this week to share...
as we get ready for camping trip #2 next week!

I have a lot of different stuff and things that I've been wanting to get posted so this post serves to catch up a little bit! And also to share my photo for week two of the Step in the Journey Photography Challenge- What Makes You Smile. That sweet slice of watermelon and the sweet little boy devouring it? Make me smile indeed!

And this little love bathing in the mud.... Classic Boy :)

Sewed these fun library bags for the boys recently too- I LOVE these fabrics! I saw these ones at Crafting Chicks last summer and thought it would be fun to have some similar. Now I need to hang some hooks beside the book shelf- nice stack of pics still waiting to be hung on the walls I used for the photo, eh?! Why pound nails when I can sew instead? ;)

And in parting, thought I'd share the recipe for this yummy popcorn that we love! I actually won the "Most Creative" Award at a Relief Society jell-o contest awhile back with this little treasure...oh baby!

This is a good one because it's not sticky or sugary, but crispy and flavorful!  Peach, raspberry and pineapple are my favs! Will be making more of this for that camping trip I mentioned... :) Click the photo then right click and save to print your own recipe card!


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