Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DownEast Idaho Falls Blogger Fun

Would you have ever guessed that right here in eastern Idaho there are that many bloggers?!?
Look at that fun group!

My awareness and outlook regarding this little blog of mine
has been broadened so much since I got more involved with these talented gals!
We are also fairly new to actually living in this area and I am so grateful
to be meeting people that I have so much in common with.

Earlier this week we were hosted by DownEast Basics at the Home and Clothing Outlet Store
here in Idaho Falls for a fun "Blogger Mixer."
Ya, pretty sure anything called a "mixer" is bound to be more interesting than most days are!

Lots of camera and smart phone action while we were there!
I thought these gals sure looked happy in this pic above- don't they just  shine?! 

We shopped and chatted and chatted and shopped for a couple of really fun, comfortable hours. Confession: I was really quite nervous about this! I know, I know- the last thing I should've been nervous about. But I was. I do get really unsure when it comes to trying to network with people and blend in to a group, especially a group of people that mostly all know each other already. And it goes without saying that fashion and style are not so much my forte! :P

But these gals are great- my worries were eased in a hurry. They are warm and upbeat and kind! I didn't feel at all like my blog was too insignificant for me to belong  there. I was so glad to have met the inspirational Ashley from The Sullengers, and couldn't have enjoyed visiting with Shatzi from Love and Laundry,  Emily from The Benson Street, or Anna from Take the Side Street more. And the more I get to know McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam, the more impressed I am by her. Really all of these gals are about the best company ever! It was great to put faces and voices with some of these ladies that I've only ever connected with on-line.

Here's a list of everyone and their blogs- the best of afternoon reading right here for sure:

Andrea@Maybe I Will
McKenzie@Girl Loves Glam

We all wandered around and shopped, admired cute clothes and cool decor, and got to know each other better in the process :) I was struck by how much coral there was in the store- clearly the color of spring this year!

If my nieces had birthdays coming up in the anywhere near future, I'd have grabbed a couple of these adorable little belts- so stinkin' fun! And I love that little dress above- cute cute cute! This is why I pretty much have to ignore the girl sections anywhere I go- I start getting bummed that I have no frequent reason for any of the cuteness! 

I was totally smitten with this desk/dresser (what it's actually called... ummm...totally don't know :P) and with this awesome table below. I love the distressed look of both of them- and those bolts that are incorporated in this table make it rock! Maybe one day my house will actually be worthy of cool furniture like this! 

Thanks again DownEast for a being such great hosts, for a really fun night and the chance to get to know these shining girls better! The manager and all of her help there were so bubbly and kind- it's obvious they love helping people find what they want and need. Love a store that is fun, comfortable and so full of style and ideas!

I was so glad I didn't sell myself short or talk myself out of what ended up being a great night!

Get a better dose of DownEast here:



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