Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunts and Beautiful Boys

I love, love, love the glowing evening light for taking pictures! The little boys and I recently headed outside on a particularly warm evening for a little outdoor scavenger hunt and I couldn't help but keep interrupting the fun to snap photos of my beautiful boys!

And, of course, they turned on the poses for Mama. :)

I have been trying to stick myself in the shot with them a little bit more...
not always successfully, clearly!  Now we know Ryder has one eye at least! :P

The outtakes from the times I try to pull off a photo shoot like this always make me laugh...

"Seriously, Mom? Enough!"

Really, our scavenger hunt was a lot of fun and entertained them really well. They love treasure hunts, but I tried to turn them on to this idea instead since I just can't always pull a treasure out of thin air! Here's a few cute scavenger hunt ideas I thought were worth sharing- great activity for Spring!

This is the exact list we used for our scavenger hunt above- made them think a bit!

I really like how there are punches from each color- makes a little window for matching the colors!

I love this one- would have made it much easier for little Ryder!

Cute idea! Ry would enjoy this while Cooper was at school I think :)



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